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Nakalay Beachfront Dining(Best restaurants in Phuket)

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Romantic Private Beachfront Cabana Dining (Best restaurants in Phuket) is part of Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa's initiative to bringing unique tailor-made dining experience to Phuket. We believe great food is incomplete without great atmosphere as well. It is our ongoing mission in creating Phuket’s most romantic dining experience.

Romantic Private Beachfront Cabana Dining is one of Phuket’s last remaining privately accessible beach unspoilt by the increasing commercialization of Phuket’s tourism landscape. We plan to keep it that way for generations to come. The name “Nakalay” also comes from ancient local village folklore about the romantic story between a giant snake named “Naka” and a beautiful mermaid named “Marisa”. Be sure to ask our staff more about this when you visit.

Please also take some time to visit our hotel website if you are interested in private beach resort in Phuket.

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JIRANAN SANGNGOEN Executive Chef Nakalay Beachfront Dining


Executive Chef

PHONGSAKORN DUMKAM Executive Sous Chef Nakalay Beachfront Dining


Executive Sous Chef

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    This is where I proposed! I would like to thank the Thavorn team for making this the night of my life!


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    The night could not have been possible without the lovely support of the staff. I had one of the best dinners of my life. Would definitely return again.

    Erica, 2015

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    love the atmosphere here! Sitting in a private candle-lit cabana listening to the gentle waves crashing is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Thavorn Staff!

    Matt, 2014

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    Most romantic night I’ve ever had

    Scott, 2016