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Putting the Passion Back, Passion in Your Marriage, Romantic Tips

5 Tips for Putting the Passion Back in Your Marriage

It’s something of a stereotype that relationships that become marriages also become less and less exciting. The amount of romance and passion drops off to the point that one or both participants may end up going off to look for something different and new. Of course, being a stereotype, there are plenty of exceptions, but it helps if you can keep things interesting in your marriage. To help with that, we’ve got a few romantic tips to help you keep that all important spark in your relationship.

Change your patterns

Routines are great, in many ways. They provide a sense of comfort and familiarity. They also create tedium and boredom. If everything about your relationship follows exactly the same pattern for week after week, the excitement will vanish. Do things differently as often as you can – everything from which Phuket romantic restaurants you visit to how you initiate sex. Be unpredictable.

Time to change, Change your patterns

Hold hands

It doesn’t have to be something big that makes the biggest difference. Scientists tell us that physical touch can release the hormone oxytocin – the natural love drug. Hugging is certainly a good way to get it, but something as simple as holding hands while you’re waiting for the next course to arrive at a Phuket romantic restaurant will do the trick.

Prioritise sex

We can’t dodge around the topic forever. One of the most common complaints from married people is that the amount of sex they have together radically reduces once they’ve swapped rings. It’s a big part of what kept you together before the big day and it should still be after.

Prioritise sex, Romantic tips

Go on a weekend getaway

It’s hard to have a romantic evening at home. It doesn’t feel like the right sort of environment and you just know that it’s you that’s going to have to clear up all the rose petals and launder the bedding in the morning, which adds a sense of weary resignation to the proceedings. Instead, get out of town for the weekend. Change your environment and add the excitement of new surrounds to your evening – as well as the satisfaction of knowing you don’t have to tidy up after!

Have a romantic meal together

When you first started dating, every meal was at some fancy restaurant, with first-class cuisine and dramatic scenery to enjoy, along with the company of your loved one. How often have you done that since you got married? Take a look at what Phuket romantic restaurants are available and either pick one of the ones that you went to during your first few dates or, better yet, pick somewhere new.

Romantic Dining in Phuket