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5 Way to be romantic for your man

5 Ways to Be Romantic for Your Man

The vast majority of Phuket romantic tips around are for the benefit of women because, let’s face it, it’s usually down to the guy to make the romantic gestures. However, when love is a one-way street, it becomes increasingly frustrated and difficulties start to crop up. An occasional gesture in return will often go a very long way, and it doesn’t even need to be something extravagant. The following are a few simple things you can do for your man, to show him how much he means to you.


Cook His Favourite Dinner

As you’ve probably already guessed from reading this blog, we’re pretty convinced that food plays an important role in romance. You certainly could decide to go to one of his favourite Phuket romantic restaurants, but cooking it yourself shows that little extra consideration which makes all the difference.


Thai Food Restuarant


Send a Message

A simple reminder that you love him will really make his day. A text message is the obvious and simple way, but consider doing something less obvious. Leave a handwritten note in his wallet for him to find when he least expects it.


Show an Interest in his Work

As Phuket romantic tips go, this is a pretty obvious but easily overlooked one. Yes, his job may be very confusing or very dull, but he commits eight hours of every day to it and it pays the bills. Showing an interest in the job shows that you appreciate how big a part of his life that job is. Try to avoid getting jealous of it, too. Perhaps he does spend more time at the office than with you, but spending time with you isn’t going to pay the rent.


work in phuket


Invite Him on a Date

This, in particular, is an aspect of dating which is almost always one-sided. It is always the guy who has to make the first move. We mentioned his favourite Phuket romantic restaurants before, but if it’s your initiative to go there instead of his, that also makes a huge impact. You can flip the tables in other ways, too, like buying him flowers and chocolates (or his favourite snack or beverage, at least).


Be Sexy

At the end of the day, men do indeed respond to very simple stimulus. What does that mean when it comes to Phuket romantic tips? Splash on a bit of perfume, wear that sexy night attire (even if it is less comfortable than you pyjamas) and invite him to test the mattress springs.


Romantic night in Phuket