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Romantic Experiences in Phuket

Four More Romantic Experiences in Phuket

Some time ago, we shared a few Phuket romantic tips in the form of things you can do as a couple on or around this beautiful tropical island. For the sake of brevity, we only covered four things, but there are plenty more to choose from. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island is it’s surrounded by many little shards of paradise, so there’s certainly no shortage of things to see and do. Here are a few more ideas for making your holiday with your loved one that little bit more special.


Visit Big Buddha

In our last selection of Phuket romantic tips, we suggested checking out the island’s many beautiful viewpoints. One of the highest visitable points of Phuket is where you will find the Big Buddha – a 45-metre-tall marble-clad statue of Buddha in a contemplative pose. Between the fantastic view (either down towards Kata Beach or across Chalong, depending on which direction you’re looking), the beautiful statue gleaming in the sunlight and the gentle tinkling of the hundreds of bells around the statue’s base, it’s quite a memorable place. It does get quite busy and, being a religious site, overt displays of affection are discouraged, but it remains a very enjoyable place to visit with your significant other.




Explore Koh Phi Phi

The famous Phi Phi Islands are technically part of Krabi province, but are most commonly reached from Phuket. They’re extremely popular, and for very good reason. The many hidden coves, pristine beaches and beautiful coral reefs make it a wonderful tropical retreat. Maya Bay is especially famous, being the setting of the 2000 movie The Beach, but there are several other fantastic spots to explore. Enjoy your own desert island experience with the one you love on a private speedboat tour from Phuket.


Find a Secret Beach

The downside with the Phi Phi Islands is that they are really popular. Even with a private tour, the chances of you having the beach to yourself are pretty slim, particularly in the high season, when the weather is at its best. Fortunately, Phuket has nearly 40 beaches to choose from and, while most people stick to the really popular ones like Patong, Kamala, Karon and Kata, there are several other fantastic spots where you can take a stroll or a lazy beach day with just your loved one. Naturally, they’re a little tougher to find and get to, but worth the effort. Try checking out Laem Ka, Ao Sane, Nui or Banana Rock beaches.




Enjoy a Couples’ Spa Treatment

Thailand is famous for its massages, so it comes as no surprise to find it mentioned in a list of Phuket romantic tips. Many of the high-class spas offer special packages for couples, often featuring body scrubs, special massages and aromatherapy treatments. Spend an hour or two relaxing together and you will both come away feeling fresh and energised.