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How to Eat Healthily on a Romantic Dinner Date

The dishes commonly ordered from Phuket romantic restaurants is generally not great for the waistline. Think caviar, chocolate and pasta – because no successful date ever contained a salad, right? Well, not necessarily. It is possible to have a memorable evening meal without spoiling your diet. Look out for certain ingredients and dishes on the menu and you can have a guilt-free good time.

romantic dinning in phuket

Start Light

A shared starter, as you’ll often find in romantic restaurants, is a good way to make sure that your dinner date doesn’t overwhelm your calorie counter. Firstly, it reduces the pressure to clear your plate, which can be a problem if you have separate starters. You can subtly control your portions by simply leaving more for your date. Secondly, you can pick out the healthy options – particularly those containing more vegetables – and leave the fatty stuff. Before the starter even arrives, be sure to steer clear of the bread basket as it adds a lot of carbs.

Check the Seafood Section

Seafood is a great main course option, particularly at Phuket romantic restaurants. Thailand’s biggest island is renowned for its seafood dishes, including Phuket lobster and the spicy Tom Yam soup with prawns. Seafood is high in protein and low in fat, making it a perfect pick if you’re watching your weight. It’s also said to boost your mood and make you feel good, which can’t be a bad thing on a dinner date.


Get the Lean Cut

A steak dinner is one of the staples of romantic cuisine and, fortunately, can be quite good for you. Eaten in moderation, red meat is perfectly good for the body and, as a source of energy, the pure protein they contain is idea for weight-watchers. The key is to pick the leanest possible cut which, while less flavourful, is more healthy and less fattening. Good options include eye round, sirloin tip side and top round steaks. Stay away from the likes of ribeye and T-bone, and avoid rich sauces.

Add Some Spice

As with the seafood, Phuket romantic restaurants offer no shortage of spicy options. Thai food is famous for its rather liberal use of chillies, which is perfect for those who are both on a date and a diet. Chillies help to boost circulation, contain a boatload of vitamins and minerals and speed up your metabolism, helping you to burn off more fat. As an added bonus, they’re also thought to be an aphrodisiac.