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Food preparation at Home

Planning a Romantic Dinner at Home

While Phuket romantic restaurants will certainly be a big hit for courting couples, there is something uniquely special about preparing a meal for your special someone yourself. This is never a good idea as a first date as it comes off as a little creepy, but may be good for a fourth or fifth. Picking a menu of good dishes is certainly important, as is being able to cook them properly, but there are other things you can do to set the right scene and make your homemade romantic dinner a success. Here are a few ideas:



It is obviously important to make sure both parties can actually attend the dinner. This might not be easy, if you’re planning on making the event a surprise. You’ll have to enquire about your other half’s plans as subtly as possible. However, it’s better to spoil the surprise than to spend hours cooking a perfect meal, only to find that your partner’s got other plans.


dinner at home


As you’re not going to be dining in a Phuket romantic restaurant, you have the luxury of privacy for this meal. However, you need to make sure you’ll have the venue of the meal to yourself. Nothing will ruin the romantic atmosphere more than an unexpected third party.


Set the Scene

You’re aim is to make your dining room look like one of the many Phuket romantic restaurants – no small feat, given how much effort goes into the design of such places. Candles are always romantic, but they can also be a fire hazard, so be careful of where you place them. Dim the lights or, if you don’t have a dimmer switch, use a string of Christmas lights to light the room.


Special Songs, Violin Song


Be sure to set the table with your finest tableware, including the nice cutlery, plates, cloth napkins and maybe even a sprinkle of rose petals, for that extra romantic touch. Finally, put some soft romantic music on to play quietly in the background and switch off all other distractions, including phones, computers and televisions.


The Meal

A meal at home does not necessarily have to be one you cooked yourself, especially if you’re a lousy chef. Some Phuket romantic restaurants can deliver at some some of the dishes, though you should be sure to leave enough time to transfer them onto your own plates before your date arrives. If you do have the skills, though, a homemade meal shows that little bit of extra care which makes the meal really special.


Ciao Bistro Phuket


When deciding on the menu, simple dishes are often best. They take less organisation to prepare and there’s less chance of problems and mistakes. Most importantly of all, be sure to pick dishes that your other half actually likes. A romantic meal is not the time to experiment with something new.