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What Makes A Romantic Dinner (According to Women)?

When it comes to romantic tips, who better to ask than the person you’re actually trying to impress? There are a lot of stereotypes around romantic meals and there are certain classics that you just can’t go wrong with. However, before you go ahead and book a table at the most expensive restaurant in town, it might be worth thinking about what exactly your partner hopes for in a successful dinner date. So what, according to women, goes into a good romantic dinner?

It doesn’t need to be fancy…except when it does

Picking the best table at the most expensive Phuket romantic restaurant is kind of a cliché, and clichés can be risky things. Yes, they gained their familiarity and notoriety because of their reliable success, but resorting to them can also come across as desperately unimaginative. Plenty of women have said that they would be equally satisfied with a relatively simple meal, so long as the company’s good. Others, meanwhile, have said that the fancy food does make a difference. It’s down to the individual, so you’ll have to try asking a few careful questions before you start making reservations.

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Keep it light and healthy

A salad is probably not your first thought when it comes to a romantic meal, but eating healthily is a priority for many people – both men and women. Aside from helping you keep to the diet, a lighter meal means that the night doesn’t end with you both feeling heavy, lethargic and guilty. Pick a good restaurant or the right cuisine and you can enjoy some seriously toothsome tastes without overloading your guts.

Put the effort in

There’s something inherently valueless in a dinner that was easy to arrange. In fact, a fair amount of people will respond better to a romantic meal which you’ve prepared yourself than they will to just showing up at whatever restaurant was at the top of the Google search results. That’s not to say that a meal at a Phuket restaurant can’t still be romantic, but at least put the effort into finding the perfect one, booking the perfect table and arranging something a little special. A little effort will go a long way.

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Know your partner

The least romantic meal you can possibly arrange for your loved one is one that they don’t much like. That doesn’t mean accidentally picking a bad restaurant or picking a night when the head chef is on sick leave – stuff like that is unavoidable. Restaurant reviews are massively subjective, so one person’s favourite eatery can be completely hated by another person. However, picking a cuisine or setting that your partner likes shows that you at least know them a little – that you care enough to pay attention to their desires. That thought alone is more valuable than the most expensive table in Phuket.