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Private Cabana Style

Pick one of our pre-fix set menu
Celebrating with your unique theme

Celebrating special occasion with our unique theme to enhance the experience with your love one

  • Moonlight Serenade Experience

    Magical After-Dinner Experience Available 8-11pm. This romantic after-dark experience invites you to indulge in the perfect union of billion-dollar ambiance, fine wine, cocktails, snacks under the enchanting canopy of the night.
  • Starry night Theme

    Our romantic “Starry night” theme is our ultimate idea of a fairy-tale romantic dinner. Imagine sitting on the beach with your partner and surrounded by a spectacle of fairy lights intricately placed into a delicate flowing pattern
  • Lost on the beach theme

    Rustic yet Luxury Tropical Dinner Cabana inspired from the feeling of being trapped on a remote tropical island paradise!
  • Rent your own Private Sunset Pier

    Rent your own 200meter long private sunset pier in the middle of the ocean overlooking Patong bay. Perfect for marriage proposals, private small group dinners, and super special occasions
  • Beach Blossom Theme

    Turn your private beach around you into a blossoming flower garden while you dine under the vanilla sky sunset.
  • Cool beach camp theme

    The perfect setup for cozy private beach grill and BBQ dinner! Perfect for larger gatherings of family and friends.
  • Standard bamboo cabana

    This elegant bamboo cabana setup comes standard with every menu! No extra surcharge!