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Private Cabana Style Beach Blossom Theme

Dine in your own beachfront blossoming flower garden

Turn your private beach around you into a blossoming flower garden while you dine under the vanilla sky sunset. It’s a spectacle to dine on pristine white sand and surrounded by giant pastel coloured flowers magically blooming from the private beach sand. The table setup itself is adorned with multi-coloured and pastel themed flowers. Additionally, the thoughtful matching of elegant white tiffany chair and white table cloth accentuates the flower setup even more! This setup is perfect for those who loves flowers and lively pastel colour themes.

What makes this setup special?

  • Multiple giant flower setups around the table gives feeling of dining in a blossoming flower garden by the beach
  • Lively and sweet pastel flower table setup
  • Elegant matching of white tablecloth and white tiffany chairs
  • Private table service by our experienced beach butler