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Private Cabana Style Starry night Theme

The ultimate idea of a "fairy tale" dinner experience

Our romantic “Starry night” theme is our ultimate idea of a fairy-tale romantic dinner. Imagine sitting on the beach with your partner and surrounded by a spectacle of fairy lights intricately placed into a delicate flowing pattern. Our floor lighting pattern is inspired by the famous “Starry Night” painting by Vincent Van Gogh. The table setup features elegant white rose, which perfectly matches with flowing white table cloth. This setup truly magical experience that you and your loved one will embrace forever.

What makes this setup special?

  • Intricate hand-crafted fairy light patterns around the table. This is our idea of how the ultimate fairy-tale romantic dinner should be.
  • Super Elegant white table flower setup and matching white luxury table cloth
  • Rustic saloon style wooden chairs
  • Private table service by our experienced beach butler