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The Ultimate Honeymoon in Thailand Itinerary

One of you popped a certain question and the other one said “yes” – now it’s time to start making plans. For the honeymoon of a lifetime, you can’t go far wrong with Thailand. It’s got everything you could want or need from a memorable trip together, including endless amazing experiences and activities. While you could certainly spend all of your time in a single part of the Land of Smiles, you could also take this opportunity to see the incredible diversity of cultures and landscapes available across the country by following this ultimate honeymoon itinerary.

Arrive in Bangkok

If you’re flying in on a long-haul international flight, you’ll likely be arriving at Bangkok. The last think you’ll want to do is transfer to a domestic flight and endure still more travel when you’re already pretty wiped out, so it makes sense to start your stay in the capital.

bangkok thailand

That’s not to say it’s at all a bad place to be. You’ll find some outstanding rooftop bars, like Sirocco, Vertigo and the famous Sky Bar – Lebua. There’s also an exceptional range of first-class romantic restaurants and some pretty essential sights to tick off the bucket list, like the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha of Wat Pho. Make sure you’re well-rested before attempting these as they get quite crowded.

Adventure in Chiang Mai

The mountain city in the north is packed with charm. And temples – a lot of temples. If you’re looking to absorb some culture, you could certainly do worse than Chiang Mai. Get out of the city and you’ll find great opportunities for trekking, white-water rafting and some other jungle adventures. The tallest mountain in Thailand isn’t too far away, too. It’s a pretty budget-friendly place, too.

Unwind in Phuket

Phuket should definitely be kept for the end of your trip, and should also be allotted the most time. It’s all about the tropical idyll, with beautiful blue skies, sandy beaches and crystal seas. You’ll find a good choice of outstanding resorts and great romantic restaurants, as well as plenty of fun activities to enjoy together on and around Thailand’s largest island. Be sure to check out Khao Sok National Park and Phang Nga Bay, at the very least!

Phang Nga Bay, Jamebon Island

If your thirst for culture hasn’t been slaked, spend a day in Phuket Old Town. With its unique Sino-Portuguese style and great little local restaurants, it’s one of the more remarkable and romantic old towns in Thailand. You’ll find some great souvenirs available at the weekend markets there, too.