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Romantic Tips for Tired Parents

Romantic Tips for Tired Parents

There’s no doubting that having a child changes your priorities, but that doesn’t mean that romance stops being important. Far from it – it’s more important than ever when you’re both tired from late-night nappy changes and the relentless demands on your time and attention as a parent. That being the case, we’ve got a few tips for how tired parents can keep the spark of romance in their relationship. Naturally, we’re focusing on those tips that have the highest impact with the lowest commitments of time and energy. Take a look!

Have a date night

Just because you’ve got little ones demanding your attention doesn’t stop date night being important. You don’t necessarily have to hit the romantic restaurants, which requires a big commitment of time getting ready, dressed up and finding a babysitter. Instead, have date night at home. Putting a little effort into the setup can make a huge difference here. Putting the baby stuff out of sight will help you temporarily put it out of mind, allowing you to put your relationship back at centre stage for a few hours.

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Exercise together

That’s not a euphemism – we genuinely mean going a workout together. It’s a great opportunity to support each other and exercise is known to release endorphins, which will help you both feel good and energised. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, either – go for a walk or bike ride together or take a free class at your local gym.

Share an experience

Remember when you first started dating, sitting in romantic restaurants and talking about what you have in common? Well, how about picking one of those common interests and spending some time together engaging in one of them? You should be able to find something other than your children that you both enjoy, whether it’s a particular style of music, a genre of books, hobbies or other activities. Making time for this common interest will not only spark more romance but also distract you from the rigours of parenthood for a while.

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Act like it’s your first date

When you were first getting together, the chances are that you did lots of sweet little things – holding hands, hugging when one of you comes home from work, occasional messages just to say hi. How many of these do you still do? Many probably faded away as you got busier, but those little connections make a huge difference – arguably more than big gestures like dinners at romantic restaurants. Your baby will even benefit from the environment of love and happiness they create and will learn that it’s ok to demonstrate their emotions.