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Tips to Make Your Romantic Dinner a Success

While an evening spent at a Phuket romantic restaurant is certainly a good move, a meal on its own is just a meal. It’s entirely possible to dine out with friends, colleagues and even people you barely know, so how do you make an evening meal into a romantic dinner? The topics of conversation will obviously make a difference, but you can add a few extra features which will help to make your romantic dinner a success. Here are a some ideas.

Break Your Routine

A normal meal is fairly predictable and unadventurous – you go to a restaurant you know you’ll enjoy and order food you know you like. Romance is a bit more of an adventure, and one that’s best shared. If you want your dinner date to be a success, try something new and different. Travel a little further than you usually would, try an unusual cuisine and order something which sounds interesting and new. Even if you end up disliking it, at least you took that journey together.

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Get the Sharing Platter

There’s something uniquely romantic about sharing food. It comes from demonstrating that you care about covering the basic essentials. Fortunately, Thai cuisine is based around the idea of shared dishes and platters as mealtimes are usually social occasions in Thailand. Explore the cuisine together by ordering dishes you can share between two, ideally including a starter platter with lots of little dishes.

Relax First

Everyone is more fun when they’re relaxed, and a Thai massage is a great way to relax. Go beyond the usual dinner date by adding a spa visit before the meal. Aside from the fact that a couples’ spa is a romantic experience in itself, the meal at the Phuket romantic restaurant afterwards will be all the more enjoyable for it. Obviously, this works much better if you have the meal and the massage in the same area as nothing will tense you up more assuredly than a long drive across Phuket!

Hit the Beach

When it comes to Phuket romantic restaurants, there are a few great settings to choose from. However, nothing beats a beach restaurant. The combination of the gentle sea breeze and the swishing of the sea on the sand creates the perfect atmosphere. The island is famous for its sandy shoreline, yet there are relatively few places where you can enjoy your meal with your toes in the sand. Finding and booking a table at one of those few venues is a decisively romantic move.

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Selfie Time!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a huge difference. If you’re dining with friends, the idea of posting a selfie of the occasion probably wouldn’t occur to you. However, taking and posting a shot with your special someone is a sure sign of how important their company is to you. Picking the right location for the shot is important, though. Choose a beautiful background to make the picture extra-special. Choosing a beach restaurant will help you out here.