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5 Ways to Make Your Partner More Romantic

5 Ways to Make Your Partner More Romantic

A lot of romantic tips put a strong emphasis on the things you can do, which is great – it’s always best to lead by example. However, everyone knows that a one-sided relationship is doomed to fail. That being the case, we’ve got a few ideas of how to encourage your partner to get involved in the romance-making. Yes, you’ll still be doing most of the leading, but these tips are more likely to get them to play along.

Speak the same language

Different people express love in the different ways. One person may find a visit to a Phuket romantic restaurant to be the most exciting experience of their lives, while others might find going to a local market and getting food on a stick much more enchanting. Learn what makes your partner light up and plan around that. Get it right, and you’ll both get the romantic benefits.

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Bring out the best in them

People are more romantic when they’re happier and more confident about themselves, so make your partner feel special every day. Yes, this is largely the same as the advice given by most romantic tips, but the difference is the “every day”. Little things, done regularly, will have a more lasting effect that one big gesture. Kiss them every day, say you love them every day, compliment them every day. If they feel good about themselves, they’ll be more open to making you feel as good as you make them feel.

Make a big gesture

This isn’t an either/or situation, so you shouldn’t drop the big romantic gestures entirely. However, you need to pick your gesture with extreme care and consideration. Ideally, make it something really thoughtful. If your partner can see how much thought you have put into doing something absolutely perfect for them, they will generally want to reciprocate. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Something small but very carefully considered is infinitely more valuable.

Romantic Dining in Phuket

Flirt in public

Be that couple people look at with envious eyes. Partially, it shows your commitment. Mostly, though, just enjoy your loving relationship wherever you are. Life’s too short for hidden love.

Talk to your partner

Read any basic list of romantic tips and the key, many will say, is communication. It’s one of those things which is so obvious that most of us overlook it. Don’t phrase your conversation as an accusation, demanding to know why they don’t romance you as much as you want. Just tell them about something they did and how it made you feel, or how you find certain things really romantic. With this clear and simple information, they’ll naturally want to include more of those kinds of experiences in your life.

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