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Best Phuket Street Foods

Where to Find the Best Phuket Street Foods

Your stay in Phuket will not be complete if you do not grab a taste of affordable yet delicious Phuket street foods. Phuket street foods are known to include seafood, fried chicken, noodles and many more. Phuket street food is the tastiest and definitely the most affordable way of experiencing Thai cuisine. The affordability and convenience of getting these foods make them highly preferred among countless Thai people.

Phuket street food is easy to find. Many different types of street foods can be found practically in almost every street corner and intersection. But if you wanted to have the best Phuket street foods, make sure that you will get these from trusted places or providers such as:

  • Weekend Markets

Phuket Weekend Market, Naka Market, Phuket Walking Street

Cr: https://seeties.me/collections/5633924f57613387088b976e

If you happen to be in Phuket during the weekend, be sure to visit the weekend markets for some fun! At these markets, you will find many great tasting local street food and desserts, as well as many charming and unique souvenirs! The two popular weekend markets that you should visit are the Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market) or the weekly Phuket Walking Street in Old Phuket Town.

  • Hawker Stalls

Hawker Stalls, Phuket street foods

Day and night, you will see Phuket street foods everywhere; in the market, on the road side, beach front and more. Hawker Stalls provide awesome range of foods including spicy salads, fruits and so much more. Many visitors find the street foods offered by these stalls to be deliciously satisfying and products also have good value. Some foods offered are not even available on local food outlets and restaurants.

  • Carts

stainless steel food carts in phuket

On these stainless steel food carts, you can also find the best range of flavorful ice creams. Ice cream flavors often include coconut, corn, red bean, mango and the Thai people’s favorite; the durian fruit. Pop sticks and scooped ice creams are also being sold garnished with delicious topping like condensed milk and peanuts. Some carts also offer breads and sandwiches.

Not everyone is really into street foods but the Phuket street foods are famous and definitely must tries while you are in Phuket.

You will never regret tasting these local foods and eating such street foods in Phuket is something you can add into your travel diaries. It’s worth the fun and experience!

Cr Main Photo: http://www.anediblemosaic.com/street-food-in-thailand/