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Romantic Dinner Date Dos and Don’ts | Phuket Romantic Restaurant

With no shortage of Phuket romantic restaurants to choose from, you’d think that the most complicated part of organising a dinner date would be choosing where to eat, but you’d be wrong. There’s a lot of ways you can mess things up, either by overlooking important details or by acting in a way which appears thoughtless and inconsiderate. To help you make the most of your meal, here are few important dos and don’ts for men to consider.


Ask well in advance

People tend to make their plans at least a few days in advance, so if you leave it until the day of the date to ask your loved one if she’d like to go somewhere special, the chances are you’re going to get either a flat “no” or an extremely reluctant “yes”. It’s best to give about five days notice before the planned date night, particularly if it’s a very nice restaurant.


dinner on the beach, beach dining


Don’t go for the poshest restaurant

There are plenty of great Phuket romantic restaurants and there are plenty of great Phuket posh restaurants, but posh does not automatically equate to romantic. In fact, the extra snootiness and excessively fancy dishes, wines and service can sometimes make the date more stressful than it needs to be. Think very carefully about your restaurant choice and don’t just use the price as a scale for how romantic a place is.


Dress up

Sounds obvious, but it’s easily overlooked. It’s a special occasion, and it’s your opportunity to impress, so don’t just show up in jeans and a T-shirt. Put a little effort in.




Pay the bill

Yes, the man paying the bill on its own is a little bit old-fashioned, but it still has undeniable ring of romance to it. Fortunately, even the best Phuket romantic restaurants tend to be fairly affordable, so it’s probably not going to melt your credit card in the process. If your date offers to split the bill, at least try to resist it. Nothing kills the romance faster than maths.


Don’t order soup

It’s bound to end up on your shirt, which isn’t a good look.


Don’t order soup


Offer to swap plates if she hates her’s

Prove that chivalry is not actually dead and, if there’s something about her dish that she dislikes, bite the bullet and offer her yours instead. If that’s not going to cut it, quietly talk to the waiter about getting it changed. Many Phuket romantic restaurants will be quite accommodating.