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5 Alternative Dinner Date Ideas

While a candlelit dinner in a Phuket romantic restaurant is certainly a recipe for love, it’s a little bit of a cliché. It lacks the spark of originality which some people crave, and arguably not really special enough for your special someone. We’ve come up with a few alternative dinner date ideas to help make your romantic meal more memorable.


Go somewhere remote

If you’ve been dating for a while, the chances are that you’ve already been to many of the romantic restaurants immediately around you. Heading for somewhere that’s a good hour’s drive away will at least add some variety, but you can also just enjoy the journey. Take the scenic route and enjoy the views, have a nice conversation on the way and generally just enjoy each others’ company. It’s important not to use this idea if one or both of you is already very hungry, though!



Street eats

Who says a romantic meal has to mean going to the very best Phuket romantic restaurant and melting your credit card? Heading for the Weekend Market and grabbing some tasty snacks together can be just as memorable, though perhaps a little less intimate. Alternatively, look out for food vendors and small restaurants by the beach, grab something to go and enjoy some time together on the sand.


Variety is the spice

When you arrive at a Phuket romantic restaurant, there’s no obligation to stay until dessert. Shake things up a bit by restaurant-hopping – go from place to place, having a little bit of several different cuisines instead of a full meal of just one. It sounds silly, and you might get some funny looks when you leave each place after just a few appetisers, but it’s definitely a memorable experience.


cooking in phuket



Cook you own meal

We don’t mean having a romantic meal at home, though that can certainly be a good idea. Instead, seek out a restaurant which provides the ingredients, but requires you to do the cooking. In Phuket, this generally means either a hot pot or barbecue restaurant. Both are a lot of fun and provide plenty of opportunity to giggle and break the ice. It’s a great option for a date early in the relationship.


Try something new

There’s plenty of variety available in Phuket, with romantic restaurants available in countless national flavours. It’s fairly likely that there’s at least one that neither of you has tried before. Of course, there’s a slight risk that you’ll both hate it, but at least you get the excitement of discovering that together. Besides, it’s just as likely that you’ll both love it!



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