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Romantic Date Idea, Phuket romantic restaurant

5 Budget-Friendly Romantic Date Ideas

When it comes to wooing your partner, the natural assumption is that you need to splash some cash and book a table at the most expensive Phuket romantic restaurant you can find. And sure, that is a very romantic gesture. However, no date is worth bankrupting yourself for, especially since it means you probably won’t be able to afford the next one. So, if you’re travelling on a budget, here are a few things you can do to melt your other half’s heart without melting your credit card in the process.

Take a hike

The natural scenery of Phuket is as varied as it is beautiful. To the west, you have the island’s amazing beaches. To the west, mangroves and forest. There are hills in the south and farms in the north. Even further north, in Phang Nga, you have a choice of amazing national parks. If you and your partner enjoy the great outdoors, you can bring some hiking shoes or rent a bicycle and enjoy the fresh air and scenery together. Just remember to stop and enjoy the beauty from time to time – including the beauty of your partner.

take a hike in phuket, romantic tips

Get creative

Creativity is exciting. It’s as simple as that. Playing around in a creative way shows just what a fun, inventive, interesting person you are and helps you get to know that side of your partner. In Phuket, there are a few places you can explore your creativity, including the Phuket Trickeye Museum. The extraordinary 3D paintings here give you a chance to step inside the art using forced perspective photography. Don’t worry if it’s a date for two and you want to both be in the pictures – the helpful staff can hold the camera for you.

Go to a museum

There are some fun places to explore the history of Phuket. If you like history, any museum will be interesting. However, if you’re looking for a pro Phuket romantic tip, take a look at the Peranakan Phuket Museum. It’s not the easiest to reach, being a bit out of town (any town), but you get to dress up in traditional clothes for a quick and relatively inexpensive photoshoot, which is quite fun. The museum itself is also very interesting and will teach you about the history of the prominent Chinese-Thai community.

museum in phuket, Peranakan museum

Grab a coffee

The finest food at the best Phuket romantic restaurant is certainly romantic for an evening meal, but you don’t have to splash out so much for a light snack in the afternoon. Instead, a relatively affordable coffee, tea or cake in a cool café can have a similar impact. There are some really cool coffeeshops in Phuket Town, as well as in some of the coastal towns like Kata and Karon.

Visit a viewpoint

Phuket has tons of beautiful views, particularly towards its southern end. Windmill Viewpoint and Phromthep Cape are both among the best, but also among the busiest. Another pro Phuket Romantic tip: drive up towards the Phuket Big Buddha. A few turns before the entrance to the temple at the top of the hill is a small restaurant with a stunning view out across Karon and Kata. There’s a rocky outcrop that offers a great view and a beautiful spot to pose for a photo, too. Despite being right next to one of the island’s star attractions, it’s a relatively unknown spot.